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Kansas Commotion is a 2013 15.3H gelding. "Kid Rock" is super talented with a curious and playful demeanor. He is all business when it comes time to work.
 I never had any plans on selling him - he was going to become part of my personal rodeo string. But with nearly 70 inches of rain the last few months, I need to complete several dirt/gravel and construction projects that will cost me a lot financially.
 He is currently clocking in the 2D against tough 1D and pro rodeo horses, with room for improvement and more speed. He has not been entered on that much, but has been hauled to quite a few pens in the past to exhibition and was hauled along with me to many rodeos this past summer. 
He is easy to ride in the run - pretty automatic especially for not being 100% finished yet. He has a big motor and is strong, so he is not for the beginner or the timid rider. At times he can get on the muscle.
He is by Streaking Ta Fame and out of a barrel racing money earning mare. 
Kid is also patterned and cruising the pole pattern well. He has tracked cattle and been pasture ridden as well.
​Blushin is a 2014 brown 16.2H mare. She is a beautiful and sweet mare. She is super laid back and easy going. 
Last weekend was the first time she was entered and placed 5th in the 3D with 100 entries. *See video at left* She has plenty of room to make up time as you can tell she just cruised though. 
She has been hauled to quite a few different arenas throughout the summer and fall. She hauls great and is ready to be entered and continue to clock better and better with each run. She is futurity eligible in 2019.
Blushin is darn near automatic even though she is not completely seasoned. She has made the same trip every time she has been exhibitioned. She is lazy and easy to warm up and goes the speed you ask. But she has the ability to "get up and go" when asked. 
She is by Brimmerton and out of a daughter of Mr Eye Opener (maternal granddaughter of Shawnee Bug).
Blushin is loping the pole pattern and has been ridden a bunch outside of the arena as well.
Fancy Bok is a 2015 sorrel 16.1H mare. She has a sweet temperament. She has a real big motor and likes to go and do something. 
Fancy has been being hauled and exhibitioned at different arenas all fall. She is not spooky or watchy at all - her surroundings do not bother her. She just needs more time to mentally mature. She wants to do right, just is not ready to go fast yet. I feel like she will make a better 5 year old futurity horse in 2020, rather than push her this year in 2019. She will just need time to learn to handle her size and her speed - she can and she will. She has shown me bits and pieces of her ability, just needs more time to put it all together. She is strong and fast.
Fancy has been worked on the pole pattern as well as being ridden outside of the arena quite a bit.