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We offer a variety of services including:
    Starting colts
    Training futurity colts as well as older horses for both barrel racing and roping
    Campaigning horses of all ages in all events
    Tune-ups in all events
    Sales prep 
    Lessons (when I have time)

Our rates are:
    $850 per month which includes feed, board, & training ***NOTE starting in 2019 this rate will increase to $900 due to my cost of alfalfa going up $60 per ton and coastal going up $66 per ton.***
        -this breaks down as $10 for feed & board and $18 per ride per day. 
        -please note that if you bring us a thin or poor horse, you will be charged more for feed (usually $1-$3 more per day) 
        -in the event that I am gone for several days, your invoice will be pro rated accordingly (not charged for riding during those days)

    -on sales I charge for feed & board plus 10% commission on final sales price
        -please note that if your horse needs tuning before I can market it, you will also be charged for training until horse is marketable

    -all other expenses are added to the bill including: shoeing/trimming, vet work, share of fuel to jackpots/races/rodeos (this is     equally split among all horses in the trailer), entry fees, supplements, etc

    -owner pays all entry fees.  All prizes and money earned go to the owner.  

We offer outdoor pens as well as stalls. All our runs/pens are pipe. We feed EquiDyne alfalfa pellets along with coastal twice a day. For older horses or thin horses needing weight put on,  Nutrena Equine Senior is also added to the diet. In the rare event your horse gets injured or sick, you as the owner will be notified asap. I try to send pictures on a weekly basis as well as videos every week or every other week. I always stay in contact with you as the owner, giving updates/feedback.